Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Meet the Gnomes

Meet the Gnomes - the new series of mixed media assemblage pieces I've been working on lately. Each of the tiny sculptures are made entirely from recycled and reclaimed materials. The pedestals the gnomes perch upon are super old, I'd guess the 1930's, alphabet blocks that I covered with carefully culled bits of vintage maps, and other vintage paper ephemera. The Gnomes themselves are actually vintage cupcake toppers that I've been scavenging and finding about. They've become one of those mysterious things that you go your whole life never noticing, and then once you discover them they appear everywhere. Yup, these little guys just keep finding their way into my life. In fact there are three of them on their way to me now from Jolly Ole England. I found them online, and they look really old. I'll love them I'm sure.

So far there has been 8 of these little lovelies. Each one is unique, and has it's special charm and character. You can see them all on my newly revamped website. And of course stay tuned for more in this series.



  1. Hi love all your items. I would like to do a feature on you for Thanks, Denise