Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Custom Journals

I just finished a custom journal. The client originally saw my work at a show, and appreciated it. When she contacted me for a custom journal she said she wanted "a lot more pages" so her friend, who it was a gift for, could "write in it for a lot longer". I loved this idea. I also loved the project. In some ways she was the ideal customer - she wanted me to have creative freedom over the cover collage, but gave me a few guidelines in terms of what her friend would like, what his interests were, and things like that. This is a perfect combination, on the one hand I am not restricted in the creation of the collage. On the other hand, I'm assured that the recipient will love their journal.
Not too long ago I created a very "non-traditional" custom guest book for someone's wedding. The bride wanted something sort of out of the ordinary for her guest book. As we exchanged emails she told me things about herself and her husband to be, like where they were from, and what their hobbies and interests were, and their lucky numbers, which allowed me to make something very personal and special just for them. It was so much fun for me to work on the project, and they loved it.
I just received another request. This time the customer found my Foody Jotter in my Etsy shop, but asked if I could make a book that was large enough to fit each recipe on one page. She intends to collect all of her favorite family recipes in the book. She loves the vintage and recycled nature of my work. Together we figured out what size will work best for her, and how many pages she thinks she needs. Now she has given me complete creative freedom in terms of cover collage, construction, and content. I am inspired by knowing how the journal will ultimately be used, knowing it will be loved and treasured by the recipient.

I love these kinds of projects. And I welcome all custom inquiries. I get creative freedom, and happy customers. It's win/win and that's perfect.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Pendants Pendants Everywhere

I've been working on a whole new line of Pendants. They are not all entirely new, I had some with me at Cherrywood Art Fair and they were a huge success and very well received. So I've continued to create more, and more, and more.

Each tiny pendants features a carefully culled and clipped bit of vintage paper ephemera decoupaged onto a reclaimed wood tile. They are then individually and lovingly distressed using a very fine sandpaper, and sometimes walnut ink. The pendants are sealed with several coats of acrylic medium to protect the papery bits. They have a Sterling Silver bail attached so they are ready to hang on your favorite chain. But for those who don't want to have to think about a chain, I also have silver plated ball chain available.

They are currently available on my website. Watch for more new pendants in the months to come. I love making them, they're sweet, simple, and a great way to use even the tiniest bit of vintage paper.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

I love New Year's, I love New Year's Day way more than New Year's Eve. That's because it's not the parties, and celebrations that I love, they're fun but not all that. For me, it's the calendar, and planning, and lists that I love. I've always been a list maker and a planner. I relish the New Year because it is an opportunity to sit down with the brand new day planner and make plans for the new year, and lists of goals and ideas. It's the gift of a clean slate. This year I'm planning projects and shows, and races, and travel mostly. And I've got a great new "2009 Artful Agenda" to spend the afternoon with. It's a long standing tradition for me, so Happy New Year everyone!