Thursday, April 30, 2009

Frogged Sock!

My first ever pair of socks has been frogged. I was correct when I said "not much to it really" in regards to knitting on two circulars. In fact, I'm a little disappointed with myself that I didn't google it sooner. So much lost sock time.

The trouble was I didn't read the pattern I chose for my first socks all the way through. A mistake I tend to make fairly often. Turns out it wasn't very well written. I assumed I would be joining and knitting in the round, seemed fairly obvious, so the cuff and the leg went just fine. But then the heel flap. I'm sure all sock knitters know the heel flap is worked flat, back and forth in rows, and I suspected that would be the case. But my pattern didn't specify and I couldn't be sure.

After reading several other patterns I ascertained that indeed I would work the heel flap and the turn in rows. I made an educated guess as to how many stitches I should work the heel across, as this was also not specified in the pattern I'd chosen. A little lost time to research, but time spent learning can never really be considered lost. So I forged ahead armed with my educated guesses.

The heel turned out pretty good. Next came the picking up of stitches and the gussets and the return to knitting in the round. Again my pattern let me down. Only this time I didn't feel like guessing, and I was running out of patience.

I took some measurements and notes, treating this half done first sock like a giant gauge swatch, and then I frogged the damn thing. Easy come easy go.

I spent the rest of the evening browsing my queue on Ravelry and reading patterns all the way through. I found several which seem to make sense and to be written with more specific instructions. I'll give these a try.

I won't give up.

I'm too pleased with how simple it is to knit on two circulars to just give up. And I've filled my queue with the oh so many socks there are to be smitten with. And my friend Amy has already requested socks for Christmas. And next week I'll be on a cruise and I'm determined to spend a good portion of my time on deck knitting socks.

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