Wednesday, May 27, 2009

In Which I Will Not Be Defeated by Socks

In my last update on the sock saga I quoted The Boyfriend and his observations about the determination, and stubbornness I'm displaying when it comes to learning to knit socks. I'll quote him again - "I forgot to account for your stubborn streak".

Again, he's not wrong. I have such a streak. And I've stubbornly set my mind to becoming a sock knitter. Come hell or high water, as they say.

That stubborn streak has seen me through a couple of triathlons, and more recently a couple of half marathons. But it wasn't just the will that got me through these athletic endeavors. There was also the proper gear and a good amount of training.

And so it stands to reason, at least in my mind, that with the proper gear, and some training, and my willful ways, I can master the art of sock knitting.

That's been my current focus.

Yesterday the gear arrived in the form of a giant box of sock yarn and a sock cocktail kit from Knitpicks. The sock cocktail pattern is really more a mix and match recipe, giving instructions for different toes, cuffs, heels, and leg patterns. A great learning tool.

I also, by coincidence or providence, which ever suits your taste, received a free download of 5 sock patterns from Knitting Daily.

As for the training, I signed up for two classes being offered at my LYS. Two classes being taught by Cookie A. the sock designer and author of the new book Sock Innovation: Knitting Techniques & Patterns for One-of-a-Kind Socks
The classes are not until July, but that just gives me time to practice so I can make the most of this learning opportunity.

Meanwhile, since my last post, I've completed the make-it-up-as-you-go yoga sock I mentioned in the previous update, and I'm pleased to report it fits. And I like it. And I'll knit it's mate. Tonight perhaps.

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  1. I want to become a sock knitter sometime soon myself. After I become a afghan knitter of course...

    I really like that sock! You did a good job. Did you get the pattern from a book? I would love to know the pattern