Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Take More Photos Project 2010

I don't usually get all resolution-y at the New Year; I do like to think about goals for the new year and reflect back on the passing year which I did in the previous post. However, on New Year's Day I spent some time looking through the photos I've taken recently and I resolved to make 2010 the year of taking more photos.

I can't commit to something as regular as a "365 photo project", or even a "Wordless Wednesday" project like you see a lot of bloggers do. But I can, and have, made a wee New Year's resolution to do a "Take More Photos Project" and I intend to share the results here on Right Out Loud.

For the first installment I pulled together some of my favorite photos from the recent past. Mostly they're from 2009, although a few may be slightly older than that but are none-the-less some of my favorites. Enjoy them! And stay tuned for the next installment of "Take More Photos Project -2010".

Spanish Governor's Mansion San Antonio, TX

Old Church San Antonio, TX

Spanish Governor's Mansion San Antonio, TX

Leona's Chimayo, New Mexico


Chimayo, New Mexico

The Guthrie Theatre Minneapolis, MN

Green Roma Tomatoes

Parsley Eater

Gerbera Daisy

Garden Toad




Farm Fresh Eggs

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Aaron Johnson

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  1. I just ran across your blog and couldn't help but find it hilarious we have the same name and have almost the same interests. Running, cooking, and crafts (I crochet more than knit). I like your photos. Very pretty :)