Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The New Baby In The House

There's a new baby in the house. He was my second foster for Blue Dog Rescue, he was born to a stray who had the good sense to stash her litter in a safe place, under a boat. Blue Dog Rescue won mom's trust and saved the litter. They all got boating names and foster homes. This little guy was called "Johnson". It only took a few days before I realized I could never let him go. He's what we call in the rescue world a "failed foster". The adoption is final, I'll be keeping "Johnson" forever. Because I come from Minnesota where everyone is named either Johnson or Larson, and my Mother's maiden name was Johnson, and my sister's married name is Johnson, and my ex-father-in-law is named Johnson, we won't be keeping that name.

I've named him Aaron. Aaron Johnson. He's a special little dog - smart, beautiful, happy, and with eyebrows to die for. He fits in beautifully with the rest of my small pack. He looks up to Mike, who will be an excellent role model. He's also the kind of spunky playmate Layla loves, while always respecting her dainty nature. I of course adore him. It was a perfect match.

The pack is complete. And happy. I will only be doing short-term respite fostering from now on, but I will continue to volunteer with Blue Dog and I don't feel bad about that. Welcome to the pack Aaron Johnson.


  1. What a beautiful puppy! I wish I had room for a rescue dog. And, you are right, his eyebrows are to die for!

  2. He is gorgeous, I don't blame you for failing! :)

  3. Awww... he is so cute! I just love his black nose:)