Thursday, August 2, 2007

Where Have I Been

Gosh, you turn around and next thing it's been more than a week since you've posted to the blog. How does it happen...? Where have I been... ?

There was the new giant tattoo. It's my fifth tattoo, and for sure the most painful. It's going to be beautiful, but right now it's still too nasty to photograph. And too achy to love. And too sun sensitive to be outdoors. And not totally finished. There is still a few details to be added, in about a month when it's healed. I'm not looking forward to it.

There was the first ever foster dog for the rescue group I volunteer for. An experience I won't soon forget. She's a beautiful little girl, and extremely bright, and she make the cutest little pig noises, but to say she has issues is an understatement. It's not her fault, she's been through a lot, so I forgive her. But I'm not too sad to see her go. She's found a forever home, and will join them tonight. I hope she can try to be a good girl, and I hope they are as smitten with her as they seem, and grow to love her very much.

There's been knitting, some, not enough. I missed my Sit and Knit for the tattoo. I cast on the Montego Bay Scarf, not enough progress to photograph. I cast on The Ruffles and Ridges shawl, or something like it, I'm modifying, but not enough progress to photograph. And I whipped off a bag and a bucket hat for fulling, but haven't fulled just yet.

There is Habu in the wings. The LYS got a new order of Habu Textile Kits, so I wisely snatched up the Kushu Kushu Scarf and the Paper Moire and Silk Boucle Jacket so I could get the colors I want. I haven't even thought of casting on yet.

There was a flurry of doggie day care, play dates, training classes, adoption days, home visits and agility courses, for my own dogs and the foster. The mutts run me ragged, makes me feel like a soccer mom, without the suburbs and the mini van. Just a sweet neighborhood, a VW Golf, and lots of dog hair and exercise. I'm not complaining. Really.

There is the new button press. I finally broke down and got a button press off ebay. It gives me an excuse for all the ephemeral bits, pieces, and scraps I keep saving. As well as an outlet for some small graphic projects. You can see what I've been up to so far at my Etsy shop.

And there it is - you spin yourself around a few times, and a week flies by. Now it's time to get back to all of it, and do it all again.

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