Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Finished Objects for Christmas 2007

As I mentioned in the previous post I've had the Holiday Crafting Spirit, do in large part I'm sure to my pledge to buy or give handmade this year. Here's the highlight reel...

A Trio of Sock Monkeys - I love these guys! My man and I worked on them together, I have tons of patiences for knitting but only a small amount for sewing, so his sewing expertise was much appreciated. I got these as kits from Spinning Monkeys - I used the socks, and the instruction that came with the kits, but changed out the buttons and a few other details.

The Headline News News Boy Hat - You've seen it before, I've blogged it before. This one is for my niece and yes, it's exactly the same as mine. For a reason - the pattern calls for a two skeins, and in reality you only use the tiniest bit of that second skein. You can easily get two hats from three skeins. Mathematically it made sense to make hers the same as mine.

Felted Clogs - I love these also. They are so easy and fast to knit up. The pattern is from Fiber Trends. I used an incredible pallette of Nashua Creative Focus Worsted.

This is pairs one and two of four. The plain pair is for my Nephew - they match the dogs in his house so that the inevitable dog hair won't be as noticible, he hates the dog hair. I experimented a little with adding a fringe to the second pair. It only sort of worked - when I was finished felting them the fringe had become dreads, but with much futsing and brushing and trimming I got them to a place I liked. They are for my Dad's wife and I'm pretty sure she'll love them. At least I hope she will.

I've got two more pairs to make, but they are for my man and myself, so no rush. I also stil have to finish a journal for my niece, a felted bag for my man's mother, and a hat and scarf for my man. That means I've got some knitting to do, and there will be another finished objects post soon.

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