Friday, December 28, 2007

Post Christmas Recap

Phew! The Christmas rush is behind us, I am endlessly surprised by how much work one little holiday can be. It was a very handmade Christmas around here and I want to offer one last recap.

I finished the hat - I actually made two simple 2x2 rib hats out of Noro Silk Garden. The first was much too small, I think I'll send it to Afghanistan. The second was perfect and since it's a little chilly here, by his standards, he's wearing it all the time. It's beautiful, and I'm glad it's appreciated. I never did finish the felted clogs and the scarf is still a wip, but I'll get them done eventually.

In addition to making many gifts, I did a fair amount of handmade shopping mostly on Etsy. I'd like to share some of finds with you here - they are each worthy of your attention. There was a great silk screened organic cotton tee from Vital. An artist book or two from the talented Nikki Thompson. Some fun Letterpress Printing from The Rarrarpress, and the Sherwood Press. Some zines from Heroes and Criminals. A well drawn indie comic from Joe Havasy. And the funniest dang Gocco printed library pockets from Papermenagerie. Really, take some time to browse these shops, you won't sorry you did.

Now that Christmas is done, all the gifts are giving, and the lines at the post office are gone, it's time for the New Year. New Year, new goals, new ideas, and new projects. Happy New Year Everyone.

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