Thursday, March 20, 2008

Afflicted Featured in a Show

Great news! My book Afflicted has will be a part of the Sitting Room and Sit Down and Read - side by side shows of artists books you can pick up and read. The show, sponsored by Another Room Book Arts Bookstore, was curated by Tom Sowden and Lucy May Schofield and will feature 110 Artist Books by International Artists.

The thing I love about this show is that the audience can interact with work, and actually read and enjoy the books. That doesn't happen very often, although I believe it should. In most gallery shows the work is displayed under glass or on the wall. It has always been my feeling that books, even Artist Books, are meant to be held and read. It is that interaction with the audience that made me want to create books.

Another Room and Gallery K are a part of Rythmix Cultural Works in Alameda California. If you're in that part of the world stop by and fondle some art.

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