Friday, June 5, 2009

Socks! Complete!

Do you see that? That is a pair of socks! A mated-for-life pair of socks. Yes, I am pleased to announce that with much sticktoitiveness I have successfully completed my first pair of socks.

They were pretty simple actually - no toes to graph, no heels to turn. They're yoga socks. I don't do yoga, but they will make my feet feel loved. And allow me to admire my summery pink toenail polish.

Upon completion I immediately started another pair - those shortie socks I said I'd get to. This time I'm using a slightly different pattern, in hopes of gaining a better understanding of the anatomy of a heel turn. Progress.

And then it will be on to an endless queue of handmade socks. Ambition.

My new found appetite for hand-knit socks has presented me with an unforeseen, but small, problem: I must now figure out how to take compelling photos of my own feet.


1 comment:

  1. Foot photo suggestion - maybe lay down and take a picture of your feet up?
    Then you get a nice foggy sky/ceiling background.