Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Little Piece of Heaven in MN

I've just arrived back from my trip North to Minneapolis. It was fantastic: A welcome respite from the Texas heat, lots of socializing with creative folks, and of course, my Plethora of Pesto Workshop.

The workshop went well; the participants were enthusiastic and seemed genuinely inspired to go home and try the eight recipes they received in their materials packets. We started the workshop with a tour of the fabulous kitchen garden where the workshop was hosted (photos below). Then we retired to the porch where there was a demonstration of the basic technique for pesto making, and a tasting of the eight different pesto recipes. The conversation was very relaxed and informal, which is what I enjoy most about these kinds of events. I hope to offer this workshop again soon.

This is the garden, with the raspberry patch in the front. Raspberries were ripe while I was there - such a treat, to eat raspberries right off the vine.

The very creative use of containers to grow herbs and other edibles in a very small space. This area contained all the culinary herbs needed to make all of my recipes plus the nasturtiums.

A perennial border in the main kitchen garden. It is full of a smattering of culinary herbs, several medicinal herbs, and of course the flowers. You don't see perennials like this in Texas.

The main kitchen garden is L shaped, this is one leg. Those are blueberries under the hoops, strawberries and asparagus across the way, cucumbers are just out of frame, and tomatoes in the foreground and tomatillas in the back corner.

The other leg features lots of squash, tomatoes, peppers of many varieties, and a hedge of basil. Those are beans on the poles. There is also lots of self seeded dill and poppies.

Mr. Toad resides in the garden.

If you ever find yourself in Minnesota take the time to stop at Ripple River Gallery. In addition to the top-notch gallery, visitors are welcome to visit these lovely gardens. And the resident artists - Amy Sharpe (weaver) and Bob Carls (wood turner) are gracious hosts.

You can read about other aspects of my trip on Right Out Loud, my mostly knitting and crafting blog. And be sure to follow me on Twitter for more garden photos.

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  1. The picture at the top - your fence is Awesome! I want to copy it for my kitchen garden. Can you please post a how-to? (maybe you've already done that? i'll look around)