Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Brand New Design

In my knitting life I love felted knits. I also love handcrafted housewares. So it only makes sense that I should design a felted knit for the home. Meet Harbor - A Felted Wool Rug.

I have a secret fantasy of a new/old house with a good old fashion porch for which this rug will be perfect. And in this fantasy I am knitting, barefoot on this porch with my feet resting on this rug, and a glass of red wine at my side, and three happy dogs scattered about the floor. And the best thing about this secret fantasy is it just might come true.

I love this rug. It has that special warmth, charm, and handmade touch that makes a house a home. It is also sturdy and comfortable, just like home.

Harbor would be a cozy addition to any room in your home also. It is knit from super bulky wool and then felted so the fabric is very dense, yet it is soft enough to welcome those aforementioned bare feet. As it turns out, it is also a welcoming resting spot for sleepy dogs -- mine tried it out just as soon as it hit the floor.

The pattern is an easy knit, suitable for the beginning knitter and includes clear felting instructions. The pattern is available here on my website. And also here on Ravelry.

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