Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

We're making decisions and slowly but surely piecing together a plan. There are still huge gaping holes in the plan, like the fact that we have no jobs, but we've definitely decided a few things.

We're definitely moving. Our house here in Austin TX will go on the market at the end of this week. And the POD has landing in the driveway. I'm pretty sure I move more than any human alive, and yet I am still always totally overwhelmed by the packing. This is especially true with this move as there is a fair amount of load lightening going on - it is our intention to move in the POD which means we'll be selling off most of our furniture and packing light.

We're headed back to Minneapolis. Mostly this is awesome. I love Minneapolis, and I've missed her while I was away. My family is in Minneapolis, as are many of my friends. Minneapolis is home for me in the truest since of the word. But Winter has already started to rear its ugly head and we probably couldn't have picked a worse time of year for our return. I guess you take the bad with the good and roll with it.

We don't have a departure date yet. We don't know if we'll rent or buy when we get there. We don't know if we'll have jobs. There is still a lot we don't know. But we know we're moving back to Minneapolis.

Moving is always a little bittersweet and this move is no different. While I'm pretty much thrilled to be going home, I have made some great friends here in Austin and they will be missed. I have been reminding myself, as consolation, that all of my friends in Minneapolis whom I left three years ago are still my friends, and that all of my friends here in Austin will also remain my friends. Sure we won't see each other as often but with a little effort and planning and the miracle of FaceBook, we'll still be friends.

And that's news.

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