Thursday, April 29, 2010

This Little House: Before and After

After 10 long weeks, 13 pounds (mine), several gallons of sweat, but thankfully no tears, the remodeling project has finally come to an end. Phew! As promised, here are the before and after pictures. I've thrown in some during pictures as well.

The biggest change was turning this lonely unfinished laundry room -- that actually only housed the dryer, because there was no plumbing for the washer -- into the new second bathroom.

It involved demolishing the walls...

Adding lots of plumbing, relocating a bunch of electrical, and leveling the concrete floor

And Viola! The shiny second bathroom.

This is what adding all that plumbing looks like from the outside of the house

They had to tear large holes in the side of the house and jack hammer through the foundation

Then they trenched the drain around the house to the main drain

And installed a giant pump
Then they put the house back together, and I planted some plants and spread some mulch, and it looks better than ever.

Attached to the original lonely laundry room was a converted garage that we had always used as Dale's man-cave/office

We added a closet to make it a legal third bedroom, plus we installed new carpet and gave the room a paint job

And it's now a beautiful third bedroom, with it's own bathroom and a private entrance

The kitchen desperately needed a face lift, and that nook was destined to be the new fully functional laundry room

Note the washing machine, next to the fridge...

The washer gets a new home, the orange paint is gone, gone, gone, and there's new porcelain tile on the floorThe circa 1950's existing bathroom also desperately needed a do-over

We ditched the dingy gray tile, and the sea-shell wallpaper

We kept all that beautiful cabinetry, but painted it all, installed a new floor with a classic look, re-sheet rocked and the painted the walls a pretty soft shade of blue, and installed a new sink and vanity
This is the aforementioned nook as it existed in the thoroughly orange kitchen

The new plumbing is shared with the new bathroom that exists on the other side of that wall

We re-framed that doorway, and put up a new light fixture

And here it is, an actual laundry room complete with a washer and dryer that are now roommates

It was a huge project, and in addition to all these big changes, we also painted every room in the house, spruced up the landscaping, and packed a good portion of our stuff into a PODS which has already made its way to Minneapolis where it will remain in storage until we can join it. The house goes on the market tomorrow, and hopefully this time it will sell, and sell quickly.


  1. Love the house but hate that my beautiful friend will be leaving town!