Thursday, March 22, 2007

Crafting for a Cause

Crafting for charity is a concept that has been around for ages. And it's everywhere. You can knit hats for cancer patients, or the homeless. You can make blankets for premature babies and children in need. You can knit blankets for shelter dogs. You can contribue locally, or globally. The possibilities are astounding really. From time to time I will showcase those causes that I've been a part of. It's my way of spreading the word.

One of the charity crafting causes that I support is Crafters for Critters. It's a one woman operation really, a website featuring handmade items donated by independent crafters that are then sold with all the proceeds going to animal rescue groups. Each quarter they give to 3 or so different rescue groups, one is always greyhound specific. The groups benefiting are rotated, there by sharing in the giving. There are some great things for sale, jewelery, knitting, sewing, and all kinds of craftiness. It's a great place to do a little gift shopping, gifts that give twice.

I chose to support Crafters for Critters quite simply because animal rescue is something I believe in and that touches me personally. There are far too many great dogs in this world that through no fault of their own are languishing in shelters , or worse on the streets. Irresponsible pet guardianship and careless breeding are the cause.

I currently have two rescue dogs. The Mike aka "Bubby" and Layla. They're both GREAT dogs. Mike has been with me since he was a 12 week old puppy. He and his 12 litter mates and their mom were rescued by Animal Ark a no-kill shelter in Minnesota when the puppies were just 3 weeks old. He moved with us to Texas. Layla was adopted from the Town Lake Animal Shelter here in Austin, TX. She had been a stray.

The Mike is one of those happy, thinkin dogs. He is an expert sleeper, and will do anything for food. He's the meathead of family. Layla has come along way since we adopted her. She was extremely undernourished, and afraid of everything. Now she's beautiful and graceful, and busy. In England there is a saying "no sheep, no collies" and if you've ever known a herding dog you get it. But Layla's only sort of a collie and is content to herd The Mike and my knitting if I'm careless. (Yup, Layla moves wool from room to room whenever she gets a chance).

Myself, my partner, and both dogs train in agility at the Lee Mannix Center for Canine Behaviour. We do it because it's fun. It's a great way for us to all spend time together, and it has truly changed the dogs' lives. It gives them confidence, and an outlet for their athleticism.

But I've digressed... I was speaking of crafting for a cause. When your done looking at the Crafters for Critters website do a Google search for "charity knitting", find something you believe in, and get to knitting! It will make you feel good, it will make other people feel good, and knit by purl it will help to make the world a better place.


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