Tuesday, March 20, 2007

On the Move, In 10 Days

I'm moving. Moving sucks. Moving means packing all your things in boxes and not knowing where anything is, and not being able to get the things you love.

Besides yarn, I love books. I have a LOT of books. So to begin the moving process I start by packing books. The last time I moved I had 33 book boxes of books. I am quite sure that this time around I will have even more.

I packed the knitting library, except for 3 or so books I knew I'd want to look at, for one reason or another. Packed the rest. I have now opened that box no less than 3 times. At the third un-taping of said box I got smart. I un-packed all books related to knitting and fiber. On moving day they will ride on the front seat of my car. Right next to my yarn which I have made no pretense of packing.

Moving also means a moratorium on buying yarn. Mostly. I admit I did sneak in one last trip to the LYS and made two small purchases off ETSY. But no more! I resolve to not buy any yarn until I am moved, and settled, ok maybe just moved, to the new house.

In the meantime, to sooth my knittin' jones, I've been reading knitting blogs, surfing Knitty for patterns, working on the 10 or so felted bags for a consignment order, and packing and unpacking the fiber arts library.

10 days, just 10 more days...

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