Monday, March 26, 2007

The Finisher

Generally speaking I'm a finisher. Pretty a-typical for a knitter I know. I don't usually have 4 or 6 projects going at any given time. Rather, I start something, I finish it, I move on.

Not so lately. Looking around the house this AM I realized I'm a "work in process" wreck. I've got the Stash Bag from One Skein almost done, I have to sew the bottom of the bag closed and attach the strap. Last night I started a pretty summer scarf using beautiful ribbon yarn I got recently. It's an experiment of sorts. And I have no less then 4 knit and fulled, and dry purses on the work table all waiting for needle felting or other embellishment. They're on their way to a gallery in MN, Ripple River Gallery, where they will be on consignment.

So what's the crazy deal? Why so many WIPs? It could be that the yarn stash has been growing lately and I'm anxious to try new things. It could also be avoidance. I should be packing and preparing to move in 4 days, and so I knit. What else.

Whatever the cause of this unfinished object mayhem I resolve to put an end to it. I hereby declare that I will not cast -on a single stitch until I have finished what I have started. I like things so much more when they are finished.

Watch for a parade of finished objects, coming soon to a blog, this blog, near you.

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  1. I've got a 2-digit number of WIP's and I'm trying to pare it down -- it's not easy!