Monday, April 16, 2007

TA-DA! Finished

Ok so I finally got my WIP pile whipped into shape, so to speak. All the fulled bags waiting for embellishment were finished and sent on their way. The One Skein Stash Bag is officially a finished object.
I really loved knitting this one, and she truly was a stash buster. I used two colors of Tahki Cotton Classic, Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy, Mission 1828 Cotton, and Elsebeth Lavold Cotton Patine. Phew!

I also finally did the last bits to the ribbon scarf.
What I love about it: It's brown. That's actually why I bought this skein, the colors. It's a soft light grayish brown, with hints of pink and green. I also love how the drop stitches make it drapey. What I don't love: The yarn content is 50% cotton and 50% nylon. I was truly a sucker for the color on this one.

Objects off the needles... No more work in progress wreck... right? wrong! I couldn't stop myself in the meantime from casting on some new projects. I started the Tank top from One Skein, but quickly got impatient with the row after row of stockinette.

So I started knitting squares for a blanket. It's a good exercise really, I can do a variety of stitches in a variety of odd ball yarns which is a perfect monotony buster. And because I want my blanket to be at least 4 feet wide and just over 5 feet long I need to make 63 squares. In other words this little project will be on the needles for some time.

I also started the Child's Vest in the Knitting for Peace Book. I started the stripe pattern using a three balls of Cascade 220, a heathered blue, a heathered orange, and gray. About half way through, it dawned on my that it looked "red, white, and blue" and the thought of some poor child running around Afghanistan in "red, white and blue" stripes made my stomach hurt a little. So I frogged it, and started again in just the blue and gray. Very Dapper.

So much for finishing. I guess I'm not that a-typical of a knitter after all.

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