Saturday, April 7, 2007

Welcoming Myself Home

Long time, no post, I know. Haven't been knitting either. I've been moving into my new home. The move was anything but smooth - the sellers hadn't actually moved out, the moving truck full of our stuff went to a warehouse in Pflugerville, and we slept on yoga mats on the floor. But in time the furniture was delivered, Mark the fence guy built our fence, the fridge arrived and I filled it with food, and the sellers got the rest of their crap out.

So despite the fact that my stash looks like this ...

And my work space looks like this...

I feel like I'm actually winning the battle of the boxes, and I have painted all but the trim in what will be my craft room (more on that in future post). So I'm back on the blog and back on the needles.

Last night I heaved a sigh of exhaustion, mixed myself a drink, cast on, and sat knitting in a chair. I've started the Tank Top in One Skein. I'm knitting it with Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy. I'm expecting it to be lovely and drapey and soft. It's also orange.
More progress photos will be posted to soon.

I have to say that despite the unfinished projects, and the maze of boxes, while I sat knitting the house really did feel like home. I felt comfortable, and calm. I was able to enjoy the progress made and not feel freaked out that I was knitting instead of a zillion other things on the list. It felt good, damn good.

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