Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Tagged - I'm It

Ok, so I got tagged and I have to admit I'm not really sure how this game works. I mean I understand the basics, they were explained as thus - you get tagged, you post a list of seven random facts about yourself, and then you tag seven other bloggers. I guess that part's pretty simple. The part I don't get is the "why" and the "what for"?

At any rate, I get a little nervous that if I don't play along it'll mean bad luck. I'm sort of superstitious that way. That can be fact number 1 - I'm superstitious, I believe in bad luck, and I also believe in good luck.

Fact 2 - I won't sleep in a tent. Ever! I have of course, slept in a tent, but I don't like it. In fact I don't like anything about camping. I like clean bedsheets, and hot food, and coffee in the morning. The last time I slept in a tent there was a thunderstorm, and the tent blew down, and I crawled out, picked up the whole crumpled wet mass of canvas, put it in the back of my car, and drove away. Done.

Fact 3 - Speaking of coffee, I have two and only two and no less than two cups of coffee each and every morning. And when I'm traveling I accommodate this about myself. I've even been known to walk down to a hotel lobby and get two cups of coffee and carry them both back to the room and then tell my companion, "sorry, they're both for me". That's a huge hit.

Fact 4 - I returned the new bike I bought (see living greener post), and kept my old bike. I had to, I felt nostalgic for the old bike every time I even thought about selling it. It was like I was in love all over again. I even considered keeping both bikes, but that's just silly, so I returned the new bike. The guy at the bike shop seemed to understand, there was nothing wrong with the new bike, it just wasn't my old bike.

Fact 5 - Read fact 3 and 4 and come to the conclusion that is fact 5 - I don't deal well with change. I like things to stay the same, and I like the things I like.

Fact 6 - Viva paper towels are the only paper towels I will buy. Plain white ones. I think silly decorations on paper towels are about the dang dumbest thing. And Vivas are soft. I have a friend in Mpls. who I have a lot of quirky things in common with. We discovered that Viva Whites was one of those things. She too will only buy the Viva whites. Viva La Viva Whites.

Fact 7 - I want to learn to snorkel or scuba because I'm afraid of the ocean.

So, that's it. Now I'll be tagging seven bloggers who I read on a regular basis, and if they don't like it they can stone me.



  1. I like your list... I first went camping at the age of 28, and I only go camping when I have sheets and an air matress--no roughing it for me. I also avoid printed paper towel, although I'm brand flexible!

  2. Something about your Fact #4 really appeals to me. I don't ride a bike myself, but I can entirely understand how you would become comfortable and familiar and connected with your old one.

    And I haven't forgotten that you "tagged" me. I will follow through! Wouldn't want to inadvertently cause you bad luck :)

    Thanks for sharing your random facts. I really enjoyed reading them!

  3. I loved learning Fact #6 - but for me it's Bounty White Select-a-Size. Viva is softer, but I like the option of tearing off a half-size sheet!