Friday, May 18, 2007

Two Tiny Mistakes

I've made two tiny mistakes. Okay, I've possibly made more than two mistakes in the course of my whole life, but I've made two tiny mistakes I want to talk about here. For a minute.

Mistake number one: I own a copy of Sensational Knitted Socks, by Charlene Schurch. And I'm not a sock knitter. I admire sock knitters, and I even covet their socks, but I just don't have the patience for those tiny DPNs, and I'm barefoot most all the time. So I'm cleaning off the bookshelf, and I've made this mistake available to you here, at Decidedly Bookish. The book features all the basics for sock knitting, including techniques, anatomy of a sock, sock yarn and where to get it, and sizing charts. It features 10 basic designs plus a bunch of stitch patterns. You can knit oodles of socks. I can't.

Mistake number two: I got suckered by the pretty pictures I saw online from Wenlan Chia's book Twinkle's Big City Knits. This is truly a beautiful book, it's no wonder really that I was enchanted with the photography, it's stunning. Really. And the designs are unique, and chic, and stylish. I looked gentle through the book, an evening's entertainment, and decided I had made a mistake. I'll never knit a single one of these designs, I'm just not enough of a fashionista, and I'm way too thick to look good in chunky yarn. And honestly the itsy-bitsy model drives me to drink. So, if you're looking for a barely-looked-at book of high fashion knits, in chunky yarn, that's got exquisite photography, it's available here also.

Have a grand and yarn filled weekend y'all!

Edited to Add: Both books sold! Thanks.

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  1. Hi Right Out Loud
    Thanks for entering the stitch marker contest. I hope someone buys your books. I too just bought that twinkle book and it came today. I hope I am not dssapointed. Also want you to know in my 20 years of knitting I too have yet to knit a sock...I kinda don't get it ...but then again I do get the obsessive part of it, I am just not interested in socks...ssshhhh don't tell I feel like such an outsider!