Thursday, May 3, 2007

What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I survived Dog Camp. Barely. I have to say that is just about the most exhausting thing I have ever done, and I've done a triathlon. In fairness, Dog Camp was also about the most fun I've had. From Friday to Sunday it was pretty much non-stop action. We tried our luck at Lure Coursing, this is the sport where the dogs chase a lure, in this case a white plastic bag that's attached to a wire course. The course covers a fairly large field in several directions. There are high speed straight aways and sharp turns. And lots of barking dogs waiting their turn. Both dogs loved this sport, both dogs are VERY fast, I don't love this sport. It's the frenzy I don't love. And so we only did it once.

We tried tracking, and honestly I felt it was a bit boring. Although, The Mike did air scenting, or the precursor to search and rescue, and loved it. I'm not surprised that he excelled at this, Mike has a great nose and uses it all the time. It's an amazing sight to watch a dog "see" with his nose.

We also spent some time on the Agility course, which is the sport we train in regularly. Both dogs have fun at Agility. Mike's enthusiasm makes him technically not very good, but he's awfully fun to watch charging over or through the obstacles usually in some random order he decides for himself. Mike's exuberance would certainly get him disqualified from any real competetion, but we do this for fun, and fun he has. Layla on the other hand approaches Agility the way she approaches everything, with grace and elegance. She floats over jumps, and walks the dog walk, and the teeter, like a supermodel walks a runway. She's not fast, but she's beautiful. Although by Sunday's Fun Match Layla was too pooped, for even this - her favorite activity - and mostly we sat in the shade and watched.

The Mike won an award, "Recall Super Star", and my proudest moment - he swam! Turns out Layla is a natural in the water, which somehow didn't surprise me. The Mike put up a fair amount of resistance, he is a willful dog who fears much of the unknown. However, once in the river with me at his side he proved to himself he could do it, and because he is such a strong dog, he is also a strong swimmer. Luckily I am also, together we swam.

Although I brought my knitting with me, I knit not a single stitch. Progress on the yoga mat bag - nil. Progress on the One Skein Tank - nada. Progress on blanket squares - nilch. This was the Wonder Pups' weekend. Now I'll get back on the needles and will have knitting progress to share soon.

Edited To Add: A post sans photos, no hands for cameras - when your handling leashes, and treats, and water, lots and lots of water.

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